Centre for Information Policy Leadership

Centre for Information Policy Leadership

“Information is a business’ greatest asset and the source of its greatest risks. The Centre provides forward-thinking solutions to manage and minimize these risks.”
Bojana Bellamy, President, Centre for Information Policy Leadership.

The Centre for Information Policy Leadership is a policy development organization, which is a part of the law firm of Hunton & Williams LLP. The Centre was founded in 2001 by leading companies and Hunton & Williams LLP to develop innovative, pragmatic approaches to privacy and information security that take into account the requirements of business processes and address the concerns of individuals about the protection of their information. Collaborating with industry leaders, consumer organizations and government representatives, the Centre develops policies that foster privacy and information security, while balancing economic and societal interests.

Since its establishment, the Centre has helped business, data protection authorities and advocates rethink how to manage and protect data in an information economy. It has addressed such issues as accountability, cross-border data transfers, conflicting national legal requirements, cross-border data transfers, and government use of private sector data.

The Centre has participated in work at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation process. In emerging economies, the Centre has hosted capacity-building workshops and made available to governments resources to assist them in developing privacy and data protection governance that promotes economic development and protected data flows. In the US, the Centre is a frequent contributor at hearings and workshops on Capitol Hill and before administrative agencies.

Materials generated through Centre projects are available to the public, and are used to inform policymakers in the U.S. and abroad. Privacy professionals at member companies participate in Centre processes to resolve issues facing their organizations. While the Centre is member-driven and member-supported, it frequently engages data protection authorities, privacy experts and consumer privacy organizations in its work to foster thoughtful, balanced solutions.

The Centre publishes its white papers on the Privacy Risk Framework and Risk-based Approach to Privacy.



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